Physicians at Sovereign Health Cancer Care perform image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) with cone beam computed tomography (CT) technology, the most advanced technology available. This approach enables precise visualization of the cancer, ensuring milliliter accuracy with your daily treatments. With cone beam IGRT, your physicians can take full advantage of the IMRT dose delivery without the need for implanted markers. This advanced system ensures accurate and safe treatment of malignancies of any site.

The IGRT cone beam CT system utilizes a sophisticated 3D imaging software package and image registration tools. A 41cm x 41cm Amorphous Silicon panel kV detector mounted on a motorized retractable arm enables 3D volume image data to be acquired in one gantry revolution. Registration of the reconstructed image data with the CT planning data is a non-invasive procedure that makes sure the target volume and critical structure position is accurately reproduced every day of treatment.