Sovereign Health Cancer Care is proud to be the first oncology services provider in New Jersey to treat patients with volumetric modulated arc therapy – intensity modulated radiotherapy (VMAT IMRT) technology, a revolutionary modality that enables your physician and the radiotherapy team to “shrink wrap” the radiation dose around tumors of any size and shape.

VMAT IMRT uses single or multiple arcs while simultaneously manipulating the gantry position, multileaf collimator (MLC) leaves, dose rate, and collimator angle to provide improved radiation dose conformity in significantly less time than all other IMRT techniques.

Daily cone beam computed tomography complements the accuracy of VMAT by allowing the radiotherapy team to visualize targets with the patient in the treatment position immediately prior to therapy. Integrated imaging enables the Sovereign Health Cancer Care treatment team to instantaneously correct even the slightest patient set-up errors and confidently administer consistently conformal treatments with millimeter accuracy.

The treatment planning software used at Sovereign Health Cancer Care is called Monaco, and it represents a fundamentally new approach to radiotherapy treatments that utilizes sophisticated software to make planning easier, more reproducible, and clinically reliable. Monaco features innovative biological cost functions, a powerful leaf sequence optimizer, and a robust Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm that allows continuous arc delivery with single or multiple non-coplanar arcs — instead of being limited to dose approximations with discrete gantry positions.