And We're Going To Take Great Care Of You

A Record Of Innovation In Superior Care

We understand that an upcoming procedure can cause concerns, even worries, no matter how much you trust your doctor, how much the procedure will benefit your health, or how often well- meaning relatives and friends may say, “It’s just a minor procedure,” or “There’s nothing to worry about.”
Everyone at Sovereign Health SurgiCare is a healthcare professional, but each of us has been a patient, too, and we understand that you may have questions and concerns.
We welcome your questions and want you to share any concerns, because the more you know, the more confident and at ease you will be.
We care about all of our patients but, more importantly, we care about each of our patients. We follow the latest protocols and use the most-sophisticated technology, but our standard for how we treat patients is distinctly old-fashioned and simple: we treat each person the way we would want our mother or father, husband or wife, sister or brother, son or daughter to be treated. Your doctor wants the best for you, and he or she chose to perform your procedure at our center because your physician knows that our anesthesiologists, nurses, and other team members have the skills, expertise, and empathy you deserve.
We’re going to take great care of you, and that care will begin long before you come to our center and will continue well after your procedure. We’ll talk with you by phone before and after your procedure to gather health information and address your questions. On the day of the procedure, we’ll keep you informed of what we’re doing, and why, every step of the way. Our goal is a successful procedure and a satisfied patient, and we have an excellent record on both counts. We have put together a terrific team of skilled, caring professionals, and our team is your team.

You're Going To Love "The Sovereign Difference":

  • Empathy
  • One-on-one care
  • Clinical expertise and state-of-the art facilities and equipment
The Sovereign Difference is reflected in everything from the high marks we win from independent accrediting agencies to the low, low infection rates of our spotlessly clean facilities. Most important, however, it’s measured in the great experiences our patients have, and the high satisfaction ratings they consistently give us.
Again, we look forward to meeting and learning more about you. To learn more about us, please review the information at right on:
  • Our long history of innovation in providing superior care
  • What a sampling of our patients have to say about their experiences with Sovereign Health SurgiCare; and,
  • The accreditations our Centers have earned from independent agencies that apply rigorous standards.
We have also provided answers to some of the questions our patients ask most often. While you should consult with your doctor to obtain information specific to you, your health, and the procedure you will be having, we hope the answers we provide will be of help, and serve as a basis for discussion with your physician.

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