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SurgiCare of Jersey City is a fully accredited, Medicare-approved ambulatory surgical center that offers top-notch medical care in a warm, inviting setting.
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Surgicare Surgical Associates of
Jersey City, LLC
631 Grand Street
Jersey City, NJ, 07304
Tel: 201-830-2280
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Paul Brisson, MD
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Nicole Featherstone, RN

Why Choose A

ame-Day Surgical Center?

Safety— Studies show that serious postsurgical complications are extremely rare after surgery performed at a same-day surgical center.1 Additionally, rates of postsurgical infections are 50% lower at same-day surgery centers, compared with hospital-based surgery. And in many cases, localized anesthesia can be used instead of general anesthesia, thus lowering the risk of adverse effects from anesthesia.
Board Certified Anesthesiologists— Our team is ready to provide General, Sedation, and Regional Anesthesia for your surgery. Rest assured that you will be safe, and have no lasting effects.
Cost— Because same-day surgery centers don’t assess the operating room, overnight admission and floor charges common at hospitals, most procedures are less costly. As a result, your copay could be hundreds of dollars lower whether you have commercial insurance or Medicare.

Convenience— We’re nearby. We’re small and specialized, so you won’t wait months for your procedure. And we have a complete imaging center on the premises, so you won’t have to go off-site

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We are grateful that you and your doctor have chosen our Center for your upcoming procedure. We look forward to seeing you, and as your procedure approaches, one of our nurses will be in touch to obtain information that will enable us to provide you with the best possible care.
Participating Physicians
Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
Babak Behin, MD

Cary Chapman, MD
Andrew Farber, MD
Sean Lager, MD
Kevin Wright, MD

Spinal Surgery
Paul Brisson, MD

John Hajjar, MD
John Hosay, MD
Yale Shulman, MD

Taonei Mushayandebvu, MD

John Del Monte, DPM
Leonard Den Bleyker, DPM
Ketan Shah, DPM

Surgicare of Jersey City