About Us

Sovereign Health Cancer Care provides patients with cutting-edge, compassionate, and convenient outpatient care delivered by a team of superbly trained and deeply experienced oncologists, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals. Our “high-tech, high- touch” approach draws on both the latest technologies and the oldest and finest traditions of medicine to develop and implement evidence-based treatment plans individualized for each patient. Read through this section to learn about the great team we’ve put together for you, the therapies and technologies we offer, the cancers we treat, the convenient locations where we provide care, and answers to questions we often hear from patients and their families. No one should have to face cancer alone, and at Sovereign Health Cancer Care, we make sure that you have a terrific team of highly competent, highly committed people with you every step of the way.

Sovereign Health Cancer Care: Our Team

A cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling very much alone. That sense of isolation is the first aspect of cancer that Sovereign Health Cancer Care treats, by surrounding each patient with a team of physicians, nurses, therapists, other healthcare professionals, and administrative staff as compassionate as they are competent, and as adept at delivering “high touch” care as they are at employing “high tech” treatments.

Our team provides both cutting-edge therapies validated by the latest scientific evidence and an empathic approach rooted in the oldest and finest traditions of medicine. Our physicians received their medical education and completed their residencies and fellowships at leading medical schools and academic medical centers, and combine that superb preparation with deep clinical experience that enables them to treat malignancies of any site. Experts in their fields, our physicians have published extensively in the nations’ leading peer-reviewed journals and have vast experience treating cancers of all sites, including prostate, breast, lung, brain and cancers of the gastrointestinal and gynecologic systems.